Bamboo Pillow Cases
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Bamboo Pillow Cases EU

From £14.00

A choice of  four standard sizes -Standard 49 x 74cm, King 49 x 91cm, Euro 65 x 65cm and Contour 41 x 58cm
+ 4 additional Euro Sizes – 40 x 80cm, 50 x 60cm, 80 x 80cm and 65 x 100cm

We have many additional sizes for our Worldwide customers.

Housewife style pillow cases are oblong/square shape, with a flap to keep the pillow tucked inside. The open edge has a 6cm cuff with our characteristic ’running feather stitch’ in self coloured thread.

As a natural fabric our Bamboo Bed Linen is made oversized by 4 – 5%  to shrink for fit after initial launderings.


These products are US sizes, for UK and EU sizes please click on the flag above.

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