Black Leather Duvet Set
leather pillow case closeupLeather duvet opening showing lining

Leather Duvet Cover* USA

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The covers are full leather both sides and reversible too. We are also happy to introduce a second color to one side of your duvet cover as shown in the picture. This gives the cover two distinct sides giving you a color choice depending on your mood. Our leather duvet covers are lined with poly-satin to help the duvet cover slide over more easily.

In addition, to ensure your duvet remains hidden in the cover there is a special feature pocket made in the lining together with strong metal snap fasteners ensuring the cover is fully closed at the foot end.

Our standard Leather Colours are Black and Espresso . If you would like one of the other colours please ask for a quotation.

Twin Cover  53″ x 79″
Full Cover  79″ x 79″
Queen Cover  89″ x 86″
Eastern / California King Cover 103″ x 86″
Emperor Cover 114″ x 95″

These products are US sizes, for UK and EU sizes please click on the flag above.

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