Round bed set in burgandy velvet and satin
DSCF0094roundsandbed-sm6 sided bed

Bamboo Sets for Round Beds

From £350.00

Between the Sheets is one of the very few companies that make bed linen for Round Beds. Bed Linen for Round Beds can be very hard to find.

We make complete Round Bed Sets for 220cm  and 240cm diameter round beds.   Each set includes a Fitted sheet, Duvet Cover and a pair of Rounded Corner Pillow Cases  with a Round Duvet of  Hollow Fibre fill , and a pair of Rounded Corner Pillow  filled with Hollow Fibre  filling.

The 220cm set comes with 49 x 74cm pillows and pillow cases .  The 240cm set comes with 49 x 91cm pillows and pillow cases. For both sets the duvet and pillows are filled with a hollow fibre fill.

Should your bed be a different size we can custom make for a perfect fit.

Mattresses Duvets (Rounded Corner) Pillows (1 Rounded Corner)
201 /214 diameter 260 x 220cm 49 x 74cm
244 diameter 290 x 240cm 49 x 91cm



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