Custom-Made Bed Linen

Custom and Bespoke Products

Here at Between the Sheets we can offer the ability to create Bespoke Bed Linen for all your design requirements.

PLEASE NOTE –  that your right to return products as detailed in our  Terms and Conditions does NOT apply to Custom and Bespoke Products.  They are not returnable unless they are incorrectly delivered or faulty. Custom products in our normal product ranges are  denoted with an * on our website.

We also bespoke make products – specifically for you, to your  measurements and requirements –

Because we manufacture in the UK at our own facility in Wiltshire, we have the ability to offer all UK, EU, US and worldwide bed linen sizes and  can custom and bespoke make our bed linen to correctly fit our customers beds.

Many modern beds are being sold with deeper and larger mattresses than ever before and finding bed linen to fit can be extremely difficult. We manufacture such a range of sizes that you will often find bed linen to fit from our regular range. If you can’t find what you want we be  pleased to quote to custom make for you.

That means that whatever the size and shape of your bed we can make bed linen for you which will be a perfect fit. We have helped countless customers with bed linen for over-sized beds and under sized beds , Antique beds  and of course very hard to find custom bed linen for Yachts  and Mobile homes.

With our own design team and our highly skilled team of seamstresses we can confidently rise to any challenge that our customers set us.

Most other Bed Linen companies you will find on the internet simply import finished product from the Far East and will often only stock standard UK sizes

We are always available to talk on the phone during normal working hours  but if you would like to arrange for a quotation online please
send us a quotation request.


Between the Sheets can offer a huge variety of monogramming and options for logos in almost any style and in a very wide range of colours.

Personalising a beautiful gift of quality Silk, Bamboo or Satin bed linen is a unique way to impress and delight . Be it for a Wedding Gift, or a perfect finish for your bedroom at home. Beautiful Embroidered Monograms or Logos can grace guest rooms of your hotel or yacht.

Using the latest embroidery technology we can turn almost any design into reality.

To get an accurate cost using email or post:

  1. Attach any logos that you wish us to recreate as a jpeg.
  2. Attach any colour samples you would like us to match the embroidery to.
  3. For Monograms, clearly define the letters that you wish us to generate, i.e. For Monograms, explain the style of font that you are looking for, Roman, Modern, etc.

We will then be able to give you an accurate quote and provide you with our designer’s interpretations and samples.