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Bamboo Bed Linen 100% natural organically grown, soft and luxurious

All EU Bed Sizes and sold Worldwide. Designed and Made in the UK

Tactile soft luxury bedding, eco-friendly... the ultimate in style and comfort

Bamboo is fresh and exciting. It is a 100% natural fabric bringing you elegant luxury together with health-giving benefits.
This bed linen range keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer . This is due to the thermo-regulating feature
of bamboo (it wicks away moisture).  Bamboo is inviting and elegant with stylish lustre and a graceful drape.


The distinct features of this natural and very soft material make this bed linen welcomed by babies and by adults. It is especially attractive to those with sensitive skin, eczema or allergic skin conditions. It is also helps your body keep a more constant temperature very useful for those who overheat during the night or experience ‘night sweats’. 


Our choice of colours is impressive and the widest on offer in the UK. We offer an extensive choice of 7 stylish colourways in solid colour: Almond, duck egg and natural white as well as conker, ruby red, smoke grey and dark cyan. We also offer 3 colourways which include an extra discrete bamboo print, This range is available in almond, duck egg and natural white.   

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This is the first 100% bamboo bedding range in the UK to be available in all bed sizes worldwide, including the EU. The range includes duvet covers, fitted & flat sheets, pillow cases, valances as well as topper and duvets. We can also offer a custom-made service for any special size or shape of bed. Our bamboo bed linen is made oversized by 3%. This allows for shrinkage in the first wash. Scroll down or  Click Here for prices 

We have some gorgeous Bamboo Bedding to compliment our Bamboo Bed Linen. 100% Soft Bamboo filled Duvets and Mattress Toppers. 



Bamboo has some amazing properties

Learn more about our wonderful Bamboo Bed Linen. Check out our video –
There are some amazing properties to be discovered about our bamboo bedding 
•  Silky soft and 3 times more absorbent than cotton
•  Special weave for softness and durability
•  Highly dust mite resistant which is ideal for those prone to allergies and asthma
•  Soothing effect on irritating skin conditions such as eczema
•  Bamboo fibre meets Oeko-Tex standard 100 product class 1 for baby articles
•  Very beneficial for people who overheat whilst sleeping - it wicks away moisture
•  300 thread count but feels softer than a 1000 thread count cotton
•  100% bamboo viscose fibre
•  Certified grown organically, free of pesticides and of fertilizers
•  Naturally anti static
•  Especially useful for users of Memory Foam mattresses - banish 'night sweats'

  Learn more about our wonderful Bamboo Bed Linen. Check out our video

Bamboo Duvet and Sheet Sets

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Prices shown in €(Euro) Euro Single Euro Double Euro King Euro Super King
Duvet Set 147.12 198.84 222.84 244.56
Duvet Set Bamboo Print 154.44 208.80 234.00 256.80
Sheet Set 116.28 158.28 176.28 200.28
  Bamboo Set Information

Bamboo Duvet Sets include - 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Fitted Sheet and a Pair of Pillow Cases - Single Sets 1 Pillow Case
Sheet Sets include 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet and a pair of Pillow Cases - Single Sets 1 Pillow Case  

Bamboo fitted sheets are made to fit a 26cm  deep mattress as standard

Please note that all Bamboo bed linen is made oversized to allow for approximately 3% shrinkage in the first wash.


Ruby Red and Smoky Grey


Individual Bamboo Bed Linen Items

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Prices shown in €(Euro) Euro Single Euro Double Euro King Euro Super King Single UK Double UK King UK Super King UK Emperor Bed
Duvet Cover 96.00 109.32 131.52 142.80 89.64 109.32 131.52 142.80 195.00
Duvet Cover Bamboo Print 100.80 114.84 138.12 149.88 94.08 114.84 133.08 149.88 -
Flat Sheet 55.32 64.56 79.20 88.08 55.32 64.56 79.20 88.08 99.48
Valance (38cm drop) 69.84 85.08 96.60 109.44 69.84 79.68 88.32 95.76 -
Valance, additional drop per 5cm * 8.64 8.64 9.84 9.84 8.64 8.64 9.84 9.84 -


Duo Duvet Covers - New
Choose a different colour for each side of your duvet. When you place your order for a Duo Duvet Cover you can either -
a) choose from the suggested colour options shown, or b) make up your own colour combination by selecting "Different Colour Combination" from
the drop-down
colour list, adding your choice in the Comments box at Checkout. Duo Duvet Covers are custom items.* See Terms.


Valances  for more information on Valances


Fitted Sheets

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Prices shown in €(Euro) Fitted Sheet Extra Depth per 5cm
Euro Single Deep 90 x 190 x 26 53.28 7.20
Euro Single Long Deep 90 x 200 x 26 55.92 7.20
Euro Double Deep 140 x 200 x 26 72.48 7.20
Euro King Deep 160 x 200 x 26 77.40 7.20
Euro King Long Deep 160 x 220 x 26 82.80 7.20

Fitted Sheets

To add to your basket, click the price of the item you require...
Prices shown in €(Euro) Fitted Sheet Extra depth per 5cm
Euro Super King Deep 200 x 200 x 26 95.88 7.80
Euro Super King Long Deep 200 x 220 x 26 100.08 7.80
UK Single Deep 90 x 190 x 26 53.28 7.80
UK Double Deep 135 x 190 x 26 64.80 7.80
UK King Deep 150 x 200 x 26 75.84 7.80
UK Super King Deep 183 x 200 x 26 84.96 7.80

Bamboo fitted sheets are made to fit a 26cm deep mattress as standard

We make standard, deep fitted and extra deep fitted sheets for 4 mattress depths and for Ikea beds - so you can be sure of the perfect fit.

If you need even deeper fitted sheets you can add extra
in 5cm units  in the fitted sheet price grid , these are custom items*.

If you can't see your bed size or you have a special size or shape of  bed

 please see our Bed Size Guide.

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Right: Smoke Grey teamed with Duck Egg and Natural White




More Facts about Bamboo 
 Bamboo textiles are made of Moso, Dragon and Ci bamboo,
not the bamboo that giant pandas eat.


Bamboo Kun, the plant’s natural antifungal, antibacterial agent, means it is not attacked by pests or pathogens. The bamboo used in our bed linen is grown organically without using any pesticides or fertilizers. 


Bamboo fabric is biodegradable as well as hypoallergenic. It absorbs more CO2 and produces 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees. 

Bamboo is a very fast growing grass and relies purely on rainfall. This is very different to cotton which requires irrigation. Bamboo is harvested every 3 years and then it renews itself. There is no need for replanting. The yield from an acre of bamboo is 10 times greater than that of cotton. It is a fully sustainable crop.


The production of the bamboo fibre used in the manufacture of our bed linen is manufactured under ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. The growing of our bamboo is certified ‘Organic’ with OCIA International Organic Certification.


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Euro Bed Sizes     
Not sure about your bed size?  Check out our Video - How to measure your Bed                                                                                 


Euro Bed Measurements

Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet

Duvet Cover

Single  - Euro


90 x 190 x 26cm

180 x 260cm

150 x 200cm

Single - UK


90 x 190  x 26cm

180 x 260cm

135 x 200cm

Single Long


90 x 200 x 26cm

180 x 260cm

150 x 200cm

Single extra Long


90 x 220 x 26cm

180x 260cm

150 x 200cm

Euro Double


140 x 200 x 26cm

220 x 260cm

200 x 200cm

Euro Double Long

140 x 220 x 26cm

220 x 260cm

200 x 200cm

Euro King


160 x 200 x 26cm

265 x 275cm

240 x 220cm

Euro King Long


160 x 220 x 26cm

265 x 275cm

240 x 220cm

UK Super King


180 x 200 x 26cm

280 x 290cm

260 x 220cm

Euro Super King


200 x 200 x 26cm

280 x 290cm

260 x 220cm

Euro Super King Extra Long


200 x 220 x 26cm

280 x 290cm

260 x 240cm


Click Here for International Sizes


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